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”@ISBN 9780330435840
”@Subject TRAVEL
”@Publisher PICADOR UK
”@Publication 2005
”@Edition Paperback
”@Version Original
”@Description ”„Look back too much and you are wiped out by the tree in front of you,”¦ Alexandra Fuller”¦s dad told her. She ignored him, and Scribbling the Cat is the result ”V a mesmerizing account of her journey from Zambia through Zimbabwe and Mozambique in the company of K, a white, battle-scarred veteran of the Rhodesian war, a born-again Christian with blood on his hands. Alexandra and K revisit the scenes of the war, and on their travels meet other veterans who will never be able to leave it behind. Scribbling the Cat is a remarkable glimpse of men who have killed, tortured and scrambled to survive in a land haunted by strife, told in a prose marked by a fierce beauty and a commitment to telling some difficult truths.
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